The Dance. The Space Between Fear and Love.


As humans born upon this earth we have been given tremendous power of choice, and it is this choice that we fear. You would think that living in the west, we would have no problem with the power of choice. It is what our materialist culture revolves around, and as the consumer is consumed, so is our greatest power.. to love and be loved.

We walk around like hungry ghosts in search of love, yet we fear the love that is omnipresent.

When I was around 5 years old, my young parents decided to divorce. I remember them sitting on the couch telling me to choose who I would like to live with. As I look back on the memory, I see it through the eyes of experience and understanding. They were in their early 20s, bitter with each other, but loved me and wanted me to be where I desired.

In the eyes of a child, the power to decide between mother and father stunned me, as an early memory. I was caught in the web of pause; of a mind that couldn’t comprehend…and then fear of breaking the heart of one of my parents crept in.  I realized I could hurt someone with my power of choice, so instead, I began to twirl around in my white dress, curls bouncing up and down; as the sun twinkled between her and him as they sat silhouetted in front of the window. A moment that felt like eternity.  I am not sure what happened after that. I just began to dance.

As children born on this earth we are all told we need to choose. Choose between good and bad, dark and light, religion or materialism, God or Nature, Mother or Father. The great paradox is that spirit and man are entangled here together.

There are often two perspectives taken. Those that believe God got us into this mess and therefore it is going to take God’s rapture to get us out of this mess, or we renounce God and become slaves to the material world.

Realizing we have choice beyond the black and white dualistic nature of the mind is our greatest power, and also our greatest fear.

We cannot choose one way without shutting off part of ourselves. Feeling this division of feminine and masculine, and the great disconnect. As westerners we mask the split with our habits, and with our choices of more, more more! We have 500 different brands to choose from for deodorants, dishwashing liquid, which diet to follow, or reality TV show to watch. We numb ourselves so that we don’t have to deal with our infinite power, and the great responsibility we have to one another, and the earth. We end the day with the illusion of joy, rather than experiencing the Joy that we are.

In order to understand this dual nature of spirit and human, we need to go beyond our nature to a soul level. To get to the witness that watches the dance of us entwined together without preference of the paradox. We need to trust and choose LOVE.

Several years ago I had a mystical dream…

One that is beyond words, witnessed from a soul level. I write of the dream in the passage below.

In this dream, I was able to witness all of the senses through the two foreigners speaking a language that I did not understand. It was a beautiful dance of spirit that entangled them…and us all. More importantly, was an observer beyond them, that had no preference of the choices or actions they made. All that this observer emitted was pure awareness, with no agenda, no action, no thought of it’s own. Pure reflection encompassing it all.

As embodied spirit we are called to take action, to be the hands and feet of the divine. The spirit takes preference of which wells it will drink from in order to fulfill our life purpose and karma.  The body has the preference of fulfilling the desires of the senses. We have the delight of dancing in the space between, and the choice of letting go of fear.

It is in the moments of stillness that exist in the heart of compassion, when the light of the mind that discerns between the two-spirit and matter-that mirroring the one, holding you in its’ grace.

Throw away your fear and allow the grace of the Divine to dance through you, as a vessel of trust.

Life is Love. To live is to balance in the space between inhale and exhale. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Think of these moments..

The moment of orgasm

The moment of birth

The moment we loose someone we love

The moment we find someone to love

The moments spent looking into the grand beauty of nature

All of these moments are the space between an inhale and exhale, and that is what life is. From our first inhale as God exhales us out, until the last Exhale as God breaths us back in. This space between is The Dance of our life.

Reach beyond self doubt and ignorance, and surrender into the power to be held in your true nature.

If life is not measured by the number of breaths, but by the moments that take our breath away. This is the space between, this dance. This is this eka grata(one pointedness) that exists when we are all held together, suspended in Love and Compassion.. the awakened state. The hatha yoga pradipika states that we take approximately 21,600 breaths per day. Let these breaths be undisturbed and undistracted so that we may merge together in One breath.

Sat Chit Ananda. Truth. Knowledge. Bliss

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she is beautiful; mysterious

she suffers and mourns, but moves in graceful waves. Dancing her pain back to the earth as she tosses her long limbs and dark hair. Speaking a language I do not understand..

he understands; dark and wise;

I Watch

him, watching her, with a fiery gaze that could permeate any body of water.

I See

her resist him the way I mold my feet into the sand and strengthen my connection to earth resisting the ocean’s current pulling me forward into it; until finally, the force is too much.

I am swept beneath. Surrender.

she is swept onto him. Their bodies become one.

I Feel

they weave like vines, I am one with them intertwined, We are One.

i Wake back into the maya and upon my bed

cheeks wet, heart pounding a beat between the making of loss and love, body shaking;

trying to resist, and knowing we are held.