Enjoy Sattva Vinyasa® Online with Dani McGuire, (Vani) in the comfort of your own home sanctuary.

Vani offers a multi-dimensional approach to teaching yoga for balancing mind and body by harmonizing the nervous system. Hatha Yoga is the traditional practice of yoga postures from the roots of tantra to balance the solar and lunar aspects of our nature for optimal flow of energy, vitality, and bodymind health.

To get the best experience with these online classes, set your intention before the practice. Email me at dani@danimcguire.comfor help with intention setting, to share the experiences you have in practice, and for continued practices as you feel ready to move on. Watch the video before you begin, and practice breathing and moving slowly. Use this DVD often for optimal results, but never feel like you have to complete the session or do everything in one sitting.

Practice is Poetry. Life is Practice.

Explore a personal sadhana for creating, sustaining, and deepening every aspect of connection to ourselves and the world.

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