At Home Cleanse and Consult




With Dani Vani McGuire, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

Our Ancestors used to heal themselves by relying on intention, plants, rituals, and mostly living in harmony with the changing seasons. Spring and Fall are the perfect time to embark on a healing cleanse and studies show that having a support team create much higher rates of success.

How do you know you are in need of a cleanse?

  • You may feel tired and heavy all day even though you’ve eaten well and slept well
  • Lack motivation and ‘zest’ for life
  • constipation, the blues, or aches and pains
  • Extra weight=Extra waste

What you will receive:

  • Ayurveda Phone Consult
  • Evaluation of Constitution(Dosha) and Current Imbalances
  • Cleansing Manual and About Ayurveda Info Packet
  •  Recipes
  • Ayurvedic Food List
  • Pre-and Post Cleanse Instructions-Part of Manual
  • Welcome to the cleansing community meeting, Ayurvedic Information Video
  • Link to purchase cleansing supplies such as kitchari, herbs, oil and detox tea.(additional herbs may be recommended)
  • Email support during your cleanse.