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Ayurvedic Nutrition & Yoga Therapy

Meet Dani for an ayurvedic nutritional counsultation or therapy session to find out your body type(consitution) for lifestyle and nutrition advice to support healing on a cellular level and detoxify the body of a diet full of processed foods.Dani has been a holistic health and wellness enthusiast since the young age of 16. She is a yoga therapist and Ayurvedic Health Educator able to meet her students where they are on a multi-dimensional model of healing and holistic health.

Initial Consultation: 1 Hour Session: $85

Life Doula Sessions

Dani (Vani), Yoga therapist and serial entrepreneur, will guide you on this evolutionary approach to living your yoga and unleashing blockages that are preventing you from living your highest, most joyful life. Highly complementary to yoga philosophy, Life Doula sessions provide a service giving students personalized guidance and support into bringing awareness into their lives. Life Doulaing shares the yoga perspective that happiness can only come from within and our life doula program will serve in uncovering that joy and self empowerment. The bodymindspirit connection shouldn’t end when you leave the yoga mat. Dani’s(Vani) program will help you begin to incorporate balance, harmony, and flow into your daily lives. Unleash old habitual ways of thinking that are keeping you from fulfilling your goals, dreams, and essential self. It is alchemy of living.  Life-doulaing is different from therapy and counseling in that it is for emotionally healthy individuals, that have hit a road block on their path, and need an alternative way of looking at things, or getting out of old unconscious ways of living. We will use tools of awareness, intention setting, and empowerment practices to serve your highest dharma, uniting you with your most harmonious relationships in work, play, and love.

1 Hour Session: $85