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Enjoy Sattva Vinyasa® Online with Dani McGuire, (Vani) in the comfort of your own home sanctuary.

Vani offers a multi-dimensional approach to teaching yoga for balancing mind and body by harmonizing the nervous system. Hatha Yoga is the traditional practice of yoga postures from the roots of tantra to balance the solar and lunar aspects of our nature for optimal flow of energy, vitality, and bodymind health.

  • Restore: A 15 minute Sattva Vinyasa® Practice
  • Rejuvenate: A 15 minute Sattva Vinyasa® Practice
  • Energize: 20 Minute Sattva Vinyasa® Practice
  • Tejas-Radiant Solar Flow
  • Ojas-Lunar Flow for Vimeo
  • Sattva Vinyasa®: Beginner Flow
  • Sattva VInyasa®: A Daily Practice-60 minutes
  • Sattva VInyasa®: Nourish-Prithvi Elemental Vinyasa- 48 minutes
  • Sattva VInyasa®: Rise-Akash Elemental Vinyasa- 52 minutes
  • Sattva VInyasa®: Shine-Agni Elemental Vinyasa- 45 minutes to Shine.
  • Sattva VInyasa®: Flow-Jala Elemental Vinyasa- 46 minutes
  • Sattva VInyasa®: Flow-Chakra Dhyana Meditation Practice- 18 minutes
  • Shakti Body: Detoxifying practice for bodymind harmony- 108 minutes
  • Balancing Kapha: Yoga for Hormonal and Blood Sugar Balance- 43 minutes
  • Sattva Restore®: Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy for your back- 30 minutes
  • Sattva Yoga Therapy: Adaptive Chair Flow- 69 minutes
  • Sattva VInyasa®: Lunar Flow-Regenerate- 39 minutes

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