she is beautiful; mysterious

she suffers and mourns, but moves in graceful waves. Dancing her pain back to the earth as she tosses her long limbs and dark hair. Speaking a language I do not understand..

he understands; dark and wise;

I Watch

him, watching her, with a fiery gaze that could permeate any body of water.

I See

her resist him the way I mold my feet into the sand and strengthen my connection to earth resisting the ocean’s current pulling me forward into it; until finally, the force is too much.

I am swept beneath. Surrender.

she is swept onto him. Their bodies become one.

I Feel

they weave like vines, I am one with them intertwined, We are One.

i Wake back into the maya and upon my bed

cheeks wet, heart pounding a beat between the making of loss and love, body shaking;

trying to resist, and knowing we are held.