In a dark swollen womb, under his embrace, life awaits.

Silent, Secret, Still

Hovering beneath, or perhaps above, waiting to return to the pulsing beat of my heart.

My eyes open wide. My palms open wide. The rhythm of my heart pounds my fingers and toes, seeking to connect.


I place my hands and feet upon the earth, and all at once, conducting the bond through my bones to my ancestors.


That we all come from stars, as I found in your embrace in the cold space of night.

My breath.

Is a fog that falls over me, layer, upon layer as if to swaddle me in protection from my own strength.

I sit in the fog.

And sink deep beneath the soil, a cold clay earth that covers my body, my hands, my mouth, my breath.

He pulls me out of the cold red earth.

And I dance upon it, in this foreign land, where I am fierce and strong.

Sitting naked upon a wooden stool, as she chants and pours oil upon my scalp, stroking my hair and body as if,

I Am.

Strong and Fierce.

A child, loved, and cherished. Home.

In a dark womb.