I’m noticing my attachment to spending time in my comfort zone right now. It’s easy for me to do physically as the temperature turns frigid, and I don’t want to go outside running or walking in the cold. I stay in the comfort of my warm, (otherwise known as the “old folks home, because I keep it sooo hot”) cozy home. I put on some leg warmers and brew a cup of chai, watching the snowflakes fall around me and imagine I am inside a snow globe that God just shook up. The comfort of my home feels great on days like these where we get snowed in, and can pretend that nothing exists outside of this glass bulb. However I know this can’t last. But what about our comfort zones that have lasted, most of our lives? What are these really about? These “comfort” rooms can be made up of the walls that our egos build, telling us about what we like, or dislike, what we can or cannot do, and what we don’t have time, energy, money, or talent for. By these walls of separation we feel protected? Maybe for a short time, until we realize it is a false sense of security. These walls are really our limited stories and beliefs that we tell ourselves about us, and the world around us. If we stay in our glass bulbs too long we loose our sense of joy, and create a world dominated by our ego. You may start to feel that there is no room for growth, change, love, let alone to breathe.

I open my mouth and fog up the window, practicing my ojai breath, seeing the heat of my breath against the glass; a reminder to me that it is always there, even though invisible. Time to bundle up the kids, go outside, and explore the snowflakes; time to experience the way the cold feels on our noses, and observe how the flakes turn to water as they land against the warmth of our skin. Stop watching the world from your comfort zone and get in the game. Our dog doesn’t wait inside with the thoughts of “I would rather be warm and comfortable.” He jumps up on the sofa, shaking and howling, excited to get out in the world, play, and be one with mother- nature. We can learn a lot from our animals.
Where do you stay in your comfort zone? Perhaps it is your relationships, daily routine, or career? Are you afraid to change directions in life or try something new because your friends or family might judge you? Is fear holding you back? What would you do if failure simply wasn’t an option? Do you do things that aren’t serving you any longer simply because you have always done it this way? Try to turn off the judging mind and just be completely you for a while. Sit with your self for 5 minutes every day in the quiet of the morning or evening sunset. Try doing a few handstands. Leave your comfort zones by deciding to moonlight somewhere that encourages your creativity, take the pain and the ass employee out to lunch, scheme up ways to make your passion your living, and daydream about quitting your day job to become a singer on Broadway. So maybe that last part is a stretch, but for now, turn off the computer, put on some music, and dance. Shake things up a bit, and tune back in at a later date to get clear on your intentions for next year.

“We’re going to take this thing here straight over the stratosphere, baby.”-Snoop Dogg