Have you ever caught a moment of pure bliss, it washes over as you are driving, maybe on a sunny afternoon? The moment is as sweet, as it is gone in a flash. Still something has shifted within you just from having had the experience of remembering. When captivated in this state of joy it is difficult to notice sensations in the body. It is an “other-worldly” experience. It is consciousness, our true essence that is joy.  We are continually chasing happiness using our senses to try to bring us closer to this state, but it exists beyond the senses. We long for this freedom, because it is the truth of who we are. And when we get glimpses through this window of meaning, it keeps us seeking.
As Seekers we dance with the idea of freedom as we kiss our lovers lips, indulge in our senses, or listen to our favorite song(I love music that makes me feel like I am flying).  How do we free ourselves of duality and fluctuations between consciousness and unconsciousness, and slide into Truth.
Like Surfers, we can only know how to ride theses waves of bliss. Knowing that there is no lover to be kissed except for the one truth we all share, no sense that can be indulged permanently, and the only song that goes on forever is the one playing in your soul.
We had our first warm day this week where i live in Indiana. Unusually warm, as it was 77 degrees in mid March. As most people drove with windows down, tops rolled back, or got their motorcycles and jogging strollers out; I wondered how many people were experiencing moments of bliss, or “flight”, as their favorite song blasted through the speakers and wind blowed through their hair. 
Then I noticed a few scattered cars with their windows rolled up and I was pissed!!  How could they block themselves off from such a beautiful day. As my compassionate side tried to think up excuses for them,  I became more outraged. There is no excuse for such misconduct.  This was true scandal…not the usual blah blah drama that irritates us.
As humans we block ourselves from the light all of the time. We prevent our souls from taking flight like they were meant to.
We can’t fly if we are anchored down by Fear, Ego, Refusal, or Attachment, The four veils that color the truth of our souls, and are usually at play during any given moment of the day. 
The practice of yoga is to help us remove these veils that distort our true nature(joy) and wear our hearts on our sleeves.
A practice that I try to do each day, around these veils of illusion(avidya), that helps me to be more real and enjoy being ALIVE…
1.     Fear-Do something that scares you. Fear is just excitement without the breath.-Fritz Perls
2.     Ego-Be compassionate. Practice Non-Judgement. Know that if you were that person, with their past and karmas, you would be doing the same thing.
3.     Refusal-If my first reaction is a big NO to something I know to pause and think it through, most of the time it needs to be a YES to LIFE.  I am not speaking about the voice of intuition that tells us no, but the voice of denying transformation and living our dharma.
4.     Attachment-The spiritual practice is always about letting go. Deep breathing and softening help me to let things flow out of my life just knowing this is freeing me up for sweeter fruits.
A mind held too tightly is like a window rolled up on the most beautiful day of the year so far.
A mind held too relaxed is one that steers us out of control.  A mind held not to tightly or too relaxed is the way of yoga.  The shift is happening for us to move beyond yogic concepts to embodying this way of being, but you have to open some windows and let the breeze touch your spirit. 
Practice the above when you can, enjoy the waters of life, and maybe you will be set free to feel more ALIVE. 
We dive in and out of consciousness and we dive in and out of this world. Sometimes we meet here and sometimes we meet there. Today we are separate and tomorrow we are one. 
Here is a great playlist of  summertime music me and my loves put together. Enjoy next time you are driving with the window DOWN on these beautiful days..And let us know your favorite tune to listen to on a warm summer day.
Clocks – Coldplay                       
Sunrise – Norah Jones
Fallin’ For You  -Colbie Caillat                                   
Collide -Howie Day
Let Go -Frou Frou
Fireflies-Owl City
Brand New Day  -Joshua Radin          
Sugar Magnolia -Grateful Dead
The Boys of Summer-Don Henley                                                           
Flowers in the Window -Travis                                   
Caring is Creeping – The Shins.
It’s a Summer Night-Flash Cadillac
Beautiful World-Colin Hay