Waiting for your response..dani heart

A peek to see…are you shining for me..

Cloudy and grey.. I slither like silk..under the covers

waiting for another day.

The withdrawl

A push for the paycheck that will get us MORE

A pump for the bicep that will get me us..

A peck on your cheek that will become them

A plane that will take us on retreat

A playful tantrum.. in reaction to all I have been pushing down..Do you like me, love me, see me?

A plan of imposing my will.

A bouquet of political antics that stem from the thorns of fear.

I AM the agenda.

the entanglement.

The first day.

I leap out of bed..

Into the rain; Cleanse. Float through the clouds; Rise.  Tan in the sun; Shine. Sink in the mud; Serve.

The revolution of compassion; passion in action; overthrowing inaction.

Act as there is no MORE..

A push from the fire of my passion to serve

A pump from the bicep of the will that upholds

A peck on your cheek that welcomes you whole

A plane that will take us on this advance.

A playful dance rejoicing in… how much I like you, love you, see you.

I AM the response.

The engagement.

The sun that shines, so you will toss open the shutters and dance in the light.