Motivation. What moves you?

We exist to motivate, to be motivated… to be moved… but like a boat that is just plopped in the middle of the sea, we wake up to see our dilemma, in the middle of our lives. In the middle, with no end in sight, and just a memory of how we ended up here. And we cannot turn back now….

The Ganges, Varanassi India
The Ganges, Varanassi India

Yoga according to the yoga sutras of Pantanjali is to return to stillness, that axiomatic space between birth and death, inhale and exhale, and all opposites in life.

Living yoga is our relationship to this space between, and the art of living, as expressed through our dharma, or purposeful life.

We all have a seed of burning desire for perfection, that commercial society has taken advantage of.

We are subject and object, observer and observed.  Every moment coming into contact, or relationship with, the world. Every object we come into contact with creates a feeling? This feeling leaves a resonance of true or false. These sensations, and how you feel about them, is what creates karma, the actions that leave traces. Karma is the current that will carry you to that inner perfection or rock your boat, creating even more feelings.

This is why the great text, The Bhagavad Gita states that, the man that is aligned with truth/dharma is always protected. It is not saying that as long as we do what we think we are supposed to be doing, or give it all to God that we will no longer have to think or do anything.

Through constant practice of listening, the integration of heart and mind will be the truth essence that spreads from your skin to your inner compass steering your ship to your essential self, that place of perfection.. that is Truth or God.

Do you ever feel like you keep running into the same obstacles, self-destructive behaviors, stormy relationships, or maybe your boat just is sitting in stagnant water? This is because on some level you are still reacting to life through your made up constructs about it, rather than moving from that place of meaning, that is your truth guide.

Even a musical note played correctly only creates music when played in the correct time signature of the melody.

This is why the first yoga sutra is “Atha yoga anushasanam”. One translation is yoga can only happen in the now. I like to think of yoga as harmony and we can only create harmony in the present moment and in relationship to something else. So there is a beauty in this duality that we find ourselves in after all. The yoking of your boat to the current that leads you to your essential self can only be moving in the right direction, if it is moving with truth as it relates to this moment and your relationship to the world around you.

The boat of perfection is the boat in which Karma(the current of actions) aligns with Dharma( the current of truth). For whatever you are seeking answers to, job, lover, financial investments. You hold all of the answers within you, if you actively listen. This means using your inner wisdom and emotional body.

When you come into contact with life, listen to your feelings. What moves you?

What moves you is what motivates you.

The Backwaters, Kerala India

Motivation means to move with meaning. 

When we have touched the space between what is empty and full, our whole life becomes art. You will no longer have the feeling of “How did I get here again.” You will experience life as the wonder of “ I feel like I have been here before.” a deep knowing, as if you where experiencing déjà vu.

Become the finely tuned instrument that harmonizes with everything around you.. creating the music that was meant to be this life, your life, in a moment, in the middle of the see.

The more you feel the movement of the moment, the more moved you will be to listen to what is moving you. Motivation.