Love. Emotion in Motion. Full Moon Practice

The full moon, like our mothers, holds the quality of reflection, memory, feeling, and emotion. The moon governs water and as Dr. Emoto’s research has shown, water has memory. Many times we are unconsciously holding memories and projecting them into our present relationships without even realizing it, especially in this fast-paced lifestyle most of us hold. Even if we aren’t communicating these projections verbally, we are communicating them nonverbally, as this makes up 93% of our communication.

Taping into the the water element in yoga allows us to awaken our 6th sense, to become more sensual rather than being pulled around by our senses. We can utilize this intelligence in using our body as a compass and becoming more aware and awake. Many of us have repressed sensual movement. Allowing ourselves to be open and gentle is therapeutic for the body’s gentle release of repressed memories and the relaxation response.
Be open to love.

The water element is how we communicate to one another, awakening a deeper trust and knowing. We cannot feel physical pain that someone else experiences, but we can feel them through their emotions. This level is where we communicate with one another as we weave together in relationships. If we are open, this is the vehicle for us to communicate on a whole new level. The language of love. “I can feel what you are thinking.”

Leonardo Da Vinci says that “Human emotion is water.” and “Water is the driving force of all nature.”
Tap into wave motion through this asana practice and place yourself in the center of this sacred flow expression, to ease tension in the body and create a somatic experience on the mat. Jala Elemental Vinyasa: Flow from Pranayoga School on Vimeo.

After the practice sit and drop all memory but rest in the center of the sensations of your emotions.

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